The Parish Hall now has a built in Rodgers Organ!  
The official dedication will be on May 22, 2005

This beautiful Instrument came to us as a donation from a Parishioner, Sue Adair. It had been part of her late mother's estate.
The consol itself has a similar look to our main Schantz pipe organ in the sanctuary.  This electronic unit is designed to look, work, and feel much like a pipe organ. A team of 10 people spent over 60 hours installing it. What is not visible is over 600 feet of wiring that had to be threaded through the building to connect the organ, speakers, and remote amplifiers together. 


(Above) Betty Adair at the organ in her home.

The organ is dismantled and ready for shipping.

Not an easy task! Due to its location, the organ needed to be lifted out of her home using a crane! It then began its journey to us from Carthage, MO.


The room is prepared. Two pairs of 300 pound "tone cabinets" have been mounted on the walls of the Parish Hall. The weight of the cabinets necessitated the use of steel aircraft cable to help support them from the roof. 

Looks like an Altar, but sure sounds different! 
The "Pedal Cabinet" sits deep in the chapel area and supplies the thunderous lows. The wiring was concealed under the floor, and ran through the basement. 

Sue looks on as Steve tests some of the features. The organ was modified to have a 30 foot detachable "umbilical" cable that allows it to be moved around. The umbilical project alone took over 10 hours to construct. 


John Dziel does some repair work on the 40 square feet of circuit boards inside the console.

With the installation complete, the organ now rides on a wheeled platform allowing it to be moved about the room as needed!

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